Virgil Village Traffic Calming, Part Two

August 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Above, catch a glimpse of the workshop in action.

On Saturday, August 6, Studio One Eleven and Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative (LANI) hosted the second of three public workshops for a traffic calming plan in the Virgil Village area of Los Angeles. We again decided to forgo the typical “town meeting” format and instead set-up shop in front of Amalia’s Guatemalan Restaurant on Virgil Avenue between Melrose Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd. (which we highly recommend, by the way). Bringing our traffic calming presentation out to the street has allowed us to reach a diverse cross-section of community members, including many who are not typically engaged in the public process but have genuine concerns and a vested interest in what happens on this street.

Using the input from our first public workshop as a foundation, we presented possible ways to calm traffic on Virgil Avenue and explained the advantages and disadvantages of each. Our materials were presented in both English and Spanish, and a bilingual member of our design team was on hand to ensure that no voice would go unheard. In a span of three hours, over 60 people from all walks of life (including young and old, property owners, residents, and local workforce) were encouraged to provide input on how to make Virgil Avenue a safer street for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers.

This inclusive approach has given our team valuable insight into local conditions and empowered even under-represented residents in Virgil Village to have a say in what happens in their own neighborhood. Community members have overwhelmingly supported a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly plan that places residential safety over the need to move traffic, and this discovery leads our team one step closer to making Virgil Village a better place.

To stay up-to-date on all things Virgil Village, visit and “like” the Virgil Village Traffic Calming Plan Facebook page.

Or, to view our previous workshop, see Virgil Village Traffic Calming, Part One.


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