Studio One Eleven Hosts USC Architecture Student Review

October 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Studio One Eleven recently welcomed students from the USC School of Architecture third-year design studio for a critique of their mid-semester projects. Rather than hosting design critiques in the classroom, the professors encourage moving away from campus and into the professional environment. In doing so, students have the opportunity to engage with professionals and experience working studios.

As part of the School of Architecture Housing Studio coursework, students conduct two projects during the housing topic semester. In this assignment (the first of the two), students were tasked to design a four-unit residential development on an infill property in South Pasadena. Each student was assigned a different parcel with varied context, access, solar orientation, and site proportions, necessitating unique design approaches.

In addition to the studio professors and two additional professors, our own Michael Bohn and Brian Ulaszewski participated in the critique. “The design solutions presented by the students were very diverse and thoughtful,” remarked Michael Bohn, AIA, Principal at Studio One Eleven. “We appreciated that the projects were infill in nature, adjacent to transit, and in an established neighborhood” This type of development will continue to be important in allowing the region to grow and at the same time serve as an opportunity to revitalize neighborhoods.
The critique in action.

Each student’s design approach was varied and included courtyard housing, townhouses, and terracing flats. Many were thoughtful of views from the site and solar orientation, while some developed additional design criteria developed for specific users. Some young designers took advantage of their site location to provide public access to adjacent streets and public open space, contributing to a greater community.

Approaches to presentation were as unique as the designs themselves as students experimented with varied graphics to best represent their projects. Diagrams were thoughtfully crafted, allowing reviewers a clear picture of design intent, environmental relationship and program dispersion. Computer renderings and physical models were employed to provide spatial understanding of the student designs. From the presentation techniques to the design themselves, USC third-year Architecture students are clearly connected to technology.

Considering the experience they’ve gained from this effort and the feedback they received, we look forward to seeing how the students will evolve for their second housing design. Based on what we saw the first time around, we have very high expectations.



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