4th+Linden Featured in China’s Eco City & Green Building

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Our 4th+Linden project was recently spotlighted, among a variety of international projects, in the Chinese publication Eco City & Green Building. The quarterly magazine is distributed among architects, engineers, developers, contractors, interior designers, and government officials, and focuses on advanced concepts in energy efficiency and green architecture. The eight-page layout on 4th+Linden highlights the project’s sustainable features and showcases its context, design process, and end result.

It’s great to know that one of our favorite urban experiments is helping to spread the word about urbanism worldwide – and from what we hear, the article is quite complimentary. (At least we know the pictures are great!) To view the article, click here.

Or, if you’d like to learn more about 4th+Linden and you don’t read Chinese, please see: Adaptive Reuse: Green Space as a Tool for Neighborhood Revitalization


Parklet Fever – Catch It!

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Berlin Parklet – Rendering

The parklets we’ve designed for three local businesses have been getting a lot of attention lately, and we’re ecstatic that it has been overwhelmingly positive! Media outlets from the local Long Beach Press Telegram and Grunion Gazette, to the regional LA Times and even ABC 7 Eyewitness News, have covered what will be the first parklets in Southern California.

Things are progressing quickly; the first parklet – in front of Lola’s Mexican Cuisine – was completed in only three days by JR Van Dijs, and the one and a half stalls that were lost have been replaced nearby through curbside restriping. Next on the agenda will be Berlin Bistro, and then finally Number Nine, with 5-9 permanent jobs anticipated in all! (For all the latest updates and progress photos, follow us on Twitter @studioneleven.)
Lola’s Parklet – Daily Progress (Finished Photos Coming Soon!)

These small structures are private investments by the business owners and do not utilize any taxpayer dollars, but we love the enthusiasm we’ve seen from the community. We’re hoping they will not only create more visibility for the businesses, but also lead to big improvements in sidewalk culture. We’re encouraged that these parklets will be yet another step toward making Long Beach more walkable, and we’re looking forward to watching the street come alive!

For more information, see our previous blog: Revolutionizing the Road – Parklets on 4th Street.

We Like to Jam

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…especially during the holidays. Fortunately for us, we have our very own in-house DJ! DJ Arkatekt is a double-threat; architect by day and DJ by night, every year he puts together an awesome track to help us celebrate the holiday season. We all pick songs we like – this year was an 80’s theme –and Arkatekt does the rest, weaving them together and filling in the blanks to create an awesome single track that we can listen to throughout the holiday season. But this is not your grandmother’s holiday mix – no bells jingling or chestnuts roasting, this track is meant to be enjoyed all year long! The playlist in progress – 80’s style.

Here’s a little bit from the Arkatekt himself:

“This is something that is definitely planned out, not done overnight.  Strategy is involved from going through the song choices (which is why I ask for 3 options from each person), listening to the tracks, and doing MULTIPLE test mixes to see what songs blend together with others cleanly. After all this is complete, I then use another program to ‘Master’ the volumes so that it is a clean listen.

Like architecture, that’s the way I like to approach my mixes!
Thorough and thought out…PROCESS!”

And now, this year’s track listing: Read more…

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