Parklet Fever – Catch It!

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Berlin Parklet – Rendering

The parklets we’ve designed for three local businesses have been getting a lot of attention lately, and we’re ecstatic that it has been overwhelmingly positive! Media outlets from the local Long Beach Press Telegram and Grunion Gazette, to the regional LA Times and even ABC 7 Eyewitness News, have covered what will be the first parklets in Southern California.

Things are progressing quickly; the first parklet – in front of Lola’s Mexican Cuisine – was completed in only three days by JR Van Dijs, and the one and a half stalls that were lost have been replaced nearby through curbside restriping. Next on the agenda will be Berlin Bistro, and then finally Number Nine, with 5-9 permanent jobs anticipated in all! (For all the latest updates and progress photos, follow us on Twitter @studioneleven.)
Lola’s Parklet – Daily Progress (Finished Photos Coming Soon!)

These small structures are private investments by the business owners and do not utilize any taxpayer dollars, but we love the enthusiasm we’ve seen from the community. We’re hoping they will not only create more visibility for the businesses, but also lead to big improvements in sidewalk culture. We’re encouraged that these parklets will be yet another step toward making Long Beach more walkable, and we’re looking forward to watching the street come alive!

For more information, see our previous blog: Revolutionizing the Road – Parklets on 4th Street.


After 10 Years, Manazar Gamboa Community Theater Is Now Open

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Last week marked an event 10 years in the making: the opening of the Manazar Gamboa Community Theater at Homeland Cultural Center in Long Beach’s MacArthur Park. We started this project early in the evolution of Studio One Eleven and, despite an extremely tight budget, multiple funding delays, and changes in staff and programming, the city’s tireless energy and the needs of the community pushed us forward to completion.

Located in one of the densest and most diverse parts of the city, the building is a small black box theater and community art gallery that has been added to the existing center adjacent to the public library. Our design was developed through a series of town hall meetings where we learned about the goals and needs of this unique area. We also learned that the budget only supported a simple, yet durable, building, and that the community must be able to use it in a variety of ways. Within the constraints, however, we strove to provide a civic presence: two dynamic, opposed, sloping roof forms address both the Anaheim Street frontage and the park orientation, while the performances within the theater will complement the rich programming already staged by the Department of Parks and Recreation. Read more…

We’re Lovin’ It – Long Beach Ronald McDonald House Under Construction

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LB Ronald McDonald House Rendering, September 2009
LB Ronald McDonald House Construction Photo, March 2011

The Long Beach Ronald McDonald House site is located at 500 East 27th Street in Long Beach. Once a multi-family apartment building, it is being remodeled into a 16,800 sf extended-care facility that will provide a “home-away-from-home” for children and families stuggling with illness. Just a block away from Long Beach Memorial Medical Center’s Miller Children’s Hospital, our “Big Beach House” design features 25 guest rooms, support spaces, and administrative space as well as a series of communal gathering spaces and gardens. We’re very proud to be associated with a project that, in just a few months, will provide a healing sanctuary to families during a very difficult time in their lives.

To learn more about Long Beach Ronald McDonald House, click here.

Customized Prefab Provides Economy, Sustainability and Flexibility

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Conservation Corp of Long Beach - Environmental Education Center
Exterior view showing cedar siding and metal wall panels 

The recently completed Conservation Corps of Long Beach Environment Education Center, a recycling center and educational community space in Signal Hill, shows that prefab construction can save cost, and contribute to the building’s functionality and sustainability, while not sacrificing aesthetics.

Read more…

Breaking Ground at the Ronald McDonald House

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Long Beach Ronald McDonald House - Official Groundbreaking
Official groundbreaking with Ronald and friends

Long Beach Ronald McDonald House - Demolition
Demolition of the old apartment building

Long Beach Ronald McDonald House - Rendering
Rendering of the future Ronald McDonald House

This week construction started on the new Studio One Eleven-designed Long Beach Ronald McDonald House.  Ronald McDonald Houses (only peripherally connected to the fast food franchise) are places for families who have children requiring extended hospital care to stay.  Ours is adjacent to Miller Children’s Hospital on the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center campus.  The House was originally a 50’s apartment building that we are remodeling into a 23-room facility.  This is a great charity that does more than just provide families a place to stay during a time of illness (if that was the case, they could give out hotel vouchers to families for less money than it takes to build and operate a house).  The part of the house that is special is the sense of community and healing that families can participate in.  We hope our design, which features a series of communal gathering spaces and gardens, contributes to that purpose. With this being Long Beach, the theme chosen was “the Big Beach House,” which relates to the tranquility of the ocean, natural materials, and sense of serenity associated with living by the beach. The forms, textures, and colors we used in the remodel – including the landscape design, interiors, and graphics, which was done in-house by David Sabunas and others – try to capture that spirit.

Construction should take about 10 months. Check back frequently, as we’ll keep our site updated on how things shape up.

Back in Rehab

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At Studio 111 we love to work on adaptive re-use projects. There’s something about re-purposing a derelict building that seems appropriate in this budget constrained, energy conscious age. And the texture, history and materials of older buildings just can’t be replicated with new construction. (Check-out the awesome Waterhouse Hotel in Shanghai in the September 2010 issue of Architectural Record – architects, trained to create new buildings, love something about ruin and decay as well). Our latest adaptive re-use project is the Continental Graphics Building rehabilitation on La Brea Boulevard in Los Angeles. Some of the materials and graphics of the project will play off the history of the site as one of LA’s premier printing shops, but the first phases of work are fairly straightforward – creating new storefronts and interiors (we’re collaborating with Mark Hershman from Shubin Donaldson) in order to re-purpose the buildings from light industrial to retail and/or creative offices. A lot of the construction is being done on spec, so the buildings are fairly neutral in order for the tenants to come in and provide a unique identity. And the whole vibe of the street, with American Rag, Volcom and Undefeated on the same block, is pretty low-key-cool. That’s a good thing, since the budgets are low-key too. Beyond the buildings themselves, our ultimate goal is seeing revitalized storefronts and tenants, new streetscaping (we’re working with Ahbe Landscape design) and pedestrian improvements and traffic calming occur so that this block transforms into a more walkable retail destination. And once that happens, extend the improvements both North and South. That may take some time, which is OK. We’re happy the first phases have begun. The contractor is Del Amo Construction (it’s a design-build project), and our client is developer Madison Marquette.

Long Beach Environmental Education Center Nearing Completion

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Long Beach Environmental Education Center - Rendering
Rendering of Environmental Education Center, September 2009

Long Beach Environmental Education Center - Under Construction
Photo of Environmental Education Center, September 2010

As evidenced by the photo above, the 9,000 square foot Environmental Education Center designed by Studio One Eleven is nearly complete, and we are quite proud of how it is turning out. It  is constructed as a prefab metal building with 1×6 tongue-and-groove cedar cladding on the street-facing facade.  We chose a clear sealant over a semi-transparent stain in order to emphasize the natural grain of the cedar while maximizing the variety in banding coloration. The cedar planks were individually sealed on the back side prior to installation and on the front after installation. It is a common practice to let the cedar siding weather before sealing ,  but in this case it  was avoided  in order to emphasize the varied texture, avoid UV light degradation and maximize the protective capacity of the sealant.

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