4th+Linden Featured in China’s Eco City & Green Building

January 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Our 4th+Linden project was recently spotlighted, among a variety of international projects, in the Chinese publication Eco City & Green Building. The quarterly magazine is distributed among architects, engineers, developers, contractors, interior designers, and government officials, and focuses on advanced concepts in energy efficiency and green architecture. The eight-page layout on 4th+Linden highlights the project’s sustainable features and showcases its context, design process, and end result.

It’s great to know that one of our favorite urban experiments is helping to spread the word about urbanism worldwide – and from what we hear, the article is quite complimentary. (At least we know the pictures are great!) To view the article, click here.

Or, if you’d like to learn more about 4th+Linden and you don’t read Chinese, please see: Adaptive Reuse: Green Space as a Tool for Neighborhood Revitalization


Adaptive Reuse: Green Space as a Tool for Neighborhood Revitalization

May 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

The latest edition of Buildipedia features 4th+Linden in an article about adaptive reuse. Read it below, or view it with before/after slideshows here.

Adaptive Reuse: Green Space as a Tool for Neighborhood Revitalization
Written by Tara D. Sturm

For many reasons, adaptive reuse projects are great for the environment. Using already existing buildings instead of building new reduces waste, requires less energy, and scales down the general consumption of materials. This green space has farther reaching effects, particularly fostering a greater sense of community and neighborhood revitalization. We talked with Alan Pullman of architectural firm Studio One Eleven about a recent adaptive reuse project located in an emerging Long Beach, California, neighborhood.

The original space at 4th + Linden was a large, derelict warehouse with little to offer the surrounding area. With a bit of creativity and a reshaping of the space, however, the firm was able to not only revitalize the building itself but also catalyze change and engage the community for results that exceeded their hopes and expectations.
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