Revolutionizing the Road – Parklets on 4th Street

June 20, 2011 § 8 Comments

Studio One Eleven has been working with two businesses on Long Beach’s Retro Row to develop the very first parklet program in Southern California. Similar programs are beginning to flourish in New York and San Francisco, so we are excited to have the opportunity to try one in our own hometown.

But what exactly is a parklet?

Well, a parklet is a “sidewalk oasis” that is built into the stalls of parallel parking spots in order to create more pedestrian space. Parklets extend the width of the sidewalk and usually occupy 1-2 parking spaces, with planters and railing providing separation from the street. They are most often treated as additional dining room space for restaurants, but can be used for anything from bike racks to benches.

The parklets we are creating are for two restaurants on 4th Street: Number Nine and Lola’s Authentic Mexican Cuisine.
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Studio One Eleven Births a Renaissance

March 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Though still unfinished, Fingerprints and Berlin are already attracting clientele.

The Long Beach Business Journal has featured us in an article about the transformation of Long Beach’s East Village; from a seedy and dilapidated old neighborhood to a blossoming hub of arts and culture, the East Village Arts District is rejuvenating the heart of downtown – and getting noticed. Read the piece below, or view it here.

While most commercial projects are still stymied by the economic downturn, there’s one pocket of Long Beach where business is swiftly taking a new form.

A mixture of public seed money, infrastructure improvements, private investment and an innovative approach to redevelopment in the past year has transformed this small corridor on the northern section of the East Village Arts District. A wave of interest has come from local patrons and independent businesses, willing to put their money and confidence into a once dilapidated set of old buildings at 4th Street and Linden Avenue. Read more…

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