Freeway-Oriented Reuse

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All-Star: Rendering

Sandwiched between the I-91 Freeway off-ramp and Artesia Boulevard in North Long Beach, the proposed design will reposition an under-utilized automobile services store through a façade improvement in order to attract additional businesses. By reducing the footprint of the existing store, the buildings fronting major thoroughfares will be repurposed as neighborhood-serving retail. Existing service bays will be filled with storefronts and the existing concrete masonry block sandblasted to a natural finish. Other buildings will be skinned with multi-colored fiber cement panels, metal siding and smooth plaster.

The property will maintain the “All-Star” brand with nostalgic signage to provide continued visibility for the auto-service business, which will now be located at the rear of the site. Along with the as re-skinned buildings, there will be new outdoor amenities such as a covered dining patio, environmental graphics, and extensive landscape to soften the street edge. The goal is to balance identities for the new tenants with the overall character of the project while at the same time respecting a modest construction budget.

All-Star: Exitsing ConditionsExisting Conditions


Sustainability Goes to Work in the East Village

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Photo by EPK Photography

The East Village Creative Offices recently welcomed its latest tenant – local developer/contractor JR van Dijs, Inc. When designing the interiors, we maintained a focus on creating a sustainable workplace. By incorporating operable windows to capture ocean breezes, and operable skylights to exhaust hot air from the space, the design eliminated the need for air conditioning. The skylights and windows also contribute to the large amount of daylighting throughout the open office floor plan, so that only individual task or accent lighting is required during the day. This creates comfortable working conditions for the inhabitants, who have control over the indoor environment, and already commented that they feel healthier and happier working with a constant stream of fresh air and natural light. Jan Van Dijs, president of the company, is also happy – the improved environment means his employees are more productive and his energy bills are lower. Sustainability makes its way into the water fixtures, including the installation of dual-flush toilets, and into the interior walls, handrails, and stairs, which are composed of recycled lumber. Using these recycled materials creates a richer, more interesting workplace where the occupants feel good knowing they are minimizing their impact on the environment and contributing to the vitality of the community.

Check out more images of the JR Van Dijs Office on our website:

Photo by EPK Photography

(Even Kuma, the company dog, loves being in this space!)

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