Points of Interest

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

We enjoy exploring. Whether it’s a walk down the street or a 16 hour flight, we love seeing sights and learning what makes a city successful. If a place happens to be particularly remarkable, we pick up a lot of fun and useful information that we like to pass on. We do this in the form of our Points of Interest. These maps are useful sightseeing guides for those of you that share our same interests; from cool local hangouts to buildings and neighborhoods of historical significance, Points of Interest are a tour of what we think is worth checking out. Our list of cities will be ever-growing, so check back often and travel with us!

We’ve done the research for you at studio-111.com.


Retail Signage Reflects Time and Culture

November 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

We love unique signs. Many of us grew up in a prewar neighborhoods within walking distance to a main street, where the varied signs related to individual retailer identities. At night these graphics served as beacons, animated by spot lights, neon and exposed bulbs.  Over the years we’ve noticed many of these beautiful icons were replaced with generic plexi-glass box signs found in typical suburban strip malls. This led to a desire to document many of these old signs, as well as cleverly designed newer signs.

As the collection has grown, we’ve organized these images by typologies ,primarily defined by their material or mounting applications. These typologies include:

  • Wall Painted
  • Window
  • Cut Metal Letter
  • Wall-Mounted
  • Blade
  • Pole
  • Roof
  • Ground

The images above are a representation of some of our favorites found in Southern California, across the nation and from travels abroad. In the future we’ll share more images of interesting signs, including newer playful designs, as well as signs designed here at Studio One Eleven.

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